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Jun 14, 2012
@ 12:49 pm
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nell: re: #MagicMike ME: That's the only tent pole I'm interested in seeing this summer ;) CO-WORKER: I think it'll flop #zing

jes: Well that would surely be a let-down.

jes: Although I find it HARD to believe. cc @pamela

Jes: this is going to go nowhere good fast

me: agreed. shall we continue anyway

Jes: but of course. at least until Pamie chimes in because come on that girl has to have some good dick puns up her sleeve or in her pocket rather

me: until then it's amateur night on twitter

jes: Your co-worker may be right: it may take a pounding at the box office.

nell: rise or fall, I'll definitely be a MEMBER of the audience opening weekend

kelli: I took the day off to ensure I can watch it the entire day. Every showing. Not proud; not ashamed either...

nell: honestly, I'd rather watch it at home; theater seats are too erect.

jes: What? And give the theater the shaft?

nell: the other benefit to getting it at home is that I wouldn't have to pay for it

kelli: no I wanna see it out. I like ride it takes me on...

nell: I was under the impression it was more of a "look but don't touch" kind of deal

pamela: Guys. We'll all go see it together and we're gonna love it. Thrust me.

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